Age of Legend by Michael Sullivan

Release date July 9th 2019

Age of Legend by Michael J. Sullivan (Legends of the First Empire #4)

Spoilers removed for WordPress and hidden on my Goodreads review. I received an early ebook version via the Kickstarter campaign. It was awesome.


This was another excellent addition to the Legends series, but it did fall short of the other novels. I think it would have landed better with me to have a shorter novella bridging 3 and 4 since there was such a time gap early on in the book. The jump hurt my immersion in the world and made some of the character developments feel hollow. I was able to get back into the world after a few chapters, but the abruptness took away from my experience as a reader.

After the jump, we also got very different character perspectives from the other books. While I enjoyed the character development we saw in Tesh, Tekchin, Moya, and Tressa, I did miss Persephone’s voice, which had filled the void left by other characters’ deaths. The cliffhanger ending was also disappointing compared to the other books, but that’s probably more due to my anticipation of #5’s release – if I had the next book to start right away, it wouldn’t have bothered me in the least.

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