Bio & Reviewing Policy

Some facts about me….

  • Name: Kati James
  • Day-dreamer, pension benefits specialist
  • I have no idea what I’m doing

Reviewing Policy

  • I’ll read pretty much anything, but my preferred genres are fantasy (esp. epic and high fantasy), science fiction, and graphic novels of any genre. I’m not a huge fan of YA or NA, especially when a love interest is involved.
  • PLEASE reach out if you have a book with an asexual and/or aromantic lead!
  • I read a lot on Kindle, but will also gladly accept paperbacks and hardbacks.
  • My NetGalley profile is here, Twitter is here, and my Goodreads is here. I use hardbackednooks pretty much anywhere books can be found.
  • All of my shorter reviews are posted on WordPress and Goodreads and longer reviews will get a only blog link on Goodreads. I can also post blog links on NetGalley or paste the full review there.
  • You can reach me via Twitter, my Contact page, or by email at to request a review!